Short who now?

Despite being a man of average stature Shaun’s illustration alias is ‘ShortShaun’.

Outside of advertising he is obsessed with illustration and has been since he was kicked out of his GCSE maths class for drawing a sick zebra instead of doing 2x2 or something (his mum still has the maths book which the school sent to his parents)

These days when he’s not struggling to do his multiplications, he’s being commissioned or picking up some awards for his drawings. Below is some of his illustration success.

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Truth Bombs

Shaun was lucky enough to be 1 of the 50 artists featured in Truth Bombs, a revolutionary new book of stickers, to be published by Carpet Bombing Culture and distributed globally.
The idea behind the book was to shoot down bullshit, blow up stereotypes, challenge bigotry, sticking it to the man through a series of sticker slaps

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film the police-01.png

London Loop

The self titled 'worlds biggest urban gallery' London Loop featured 5,000+ creative works & showcased 1,000+ artworks as digital posters throughout 72 London locations. 
Shaun was fortunate enough to have some of his illustration displayed and be invited to an exclusive awards night in central London, where his piece was voted into the top 10. 

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